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Shields are protective energy fields that snap into physicality to sheathe the user when high-speed incoming projectiles are detected.


Shields consist of charges that absorb damage. Single-target attacks usually carry enough force to drain a charge, whereas Multi-target attacks often do not. This means that no damage will occur to the target. Some attacks (by Crawlers & foes, alike) can bypass, weaken, or drain Shields completely. Once drained, most Shields must recharge outside of combat.

Light Shields

The least Charges & Absorption in their class. This is compensated by the ability to Recharge amidst combat. Recharge occurs when enough Time Units are spent in the same battle. Due to this particular trait, Light Shields are quite useful for long skirmishes.

Tactical Shields

A type of Shields that strives to both mitigate damage while also being sustainable. They can't absorb as much as Heavy Shields & they recover more slowly than Light Shields, but they provide Empowerment, which provide Enhanced Damage upon receiving enemy fire.

Heavy Shields

Heavy Shields disregard most other features outside absorbing harm aimed at their users. Charge capacity is low, but a great deal of force is the only thing that can deplete it. Their Safeguard property grants additional, but temporary, protection from all incoming damage when Shields are depleted.


Depending on the player's Luck, Level & Reputation, Shields with significant additional benefits can be acquired. Some are as follows:
This is an incomplete list & the abilities scale to player Level.

Auroch Shield

Increased Chance to Dodge

Boomslang Shield

Increased Critical Hit Chance

Cyberninja's Geist Chip

Usable only by a Cyber Ninja; upon loss of a Shield Charge: Increased Chance to Dodge


Permanent increase to Shield's Absorption

Force Psyker's Serenity

Usable only by a Force Psyker; upon loss of a Shield Charge: Gain Force Energy

FoxKin Shield

Increased Chance to Dodge


Upon loss of a Shield Charge: Deal a percentage of Shield Absorption to the attacker as Fire Damage


Increased number of Shield Charges, but a reduction in Shield Absorption

Prototype's Integration

Usable only by the Prototype; upon loss of a Shield Charge: Restore Health

Retrofit Safeguard

Adds the ability of Heavy Shields for added protection when the Shield depletes, but Shield Absorption is reduced

Rig Recharger

Adds the ability of Light Shields to recharge amidst combat, but Shield Absorption is reduced

Synaptic Link

Chance to Trigger on Shield Charge Loss: Increased chance to Dodge