StarCrawlers Wiki

Gameplay in StarCrawlers involves interaction with numerous Factions throughout game, whether directly (such as through active combat) or indirectly (such as employment or undertaking tasks on their behalf). Most factions are corporations, though some include fringe groups and independents. The player can choose to serve or harass any faction of their choosing, though each have unique benefits & incentives for the player to get on their good side.

Universal Foundation for Prosperity (UFP)

An uneasy alliance of megacorps wields dominance over all, routinely exploiting the outer worlds in a never-ending quest for wealth.

Agrigen Food Corp

The galaxy's biggest food supplier. They possess & disperse Regenerative Snackfoods & Biological Enhancements to those in their good graces.


A software giant that specializes in locating & relaying information. Their Utility & Reconnaissance software is plentiful & available for agents working on their behalf.


A popular Weapons Manufacturer that specializes in Shotguns. They are happy to provide allies with Combat Utilities & Premium Weapons.

Chimera BioPharma

A lead-research outfit in numerous complex projects, they're known for pushing humanity to new heights via Chemical Curatives & Biological Enhancements.

Emer LT
Horizon Robotics
Titan Metallurgy


Astrohund Technologies
Aurora Star Liners
Dablue Yutaki
FoxKin Armory
Jiyin Biotech
Kage Enterprises


Gray Solutions
Hollow Earth, Hollow Soul (H. E. H. S.)


Allure Cybergenetics
PAR Entertainment
Riggo's Fine Spirits
The Social Stage
TEC's Engineer Corp
Workers United


The player can earn favor or ire depending on player action, such as who they work for and what they do while on the job. Player actions will change the standing in each Faction represented by a scale in-game:

  • 00 - 10 : Neutral
  • 11 - 25 : Valued
  • 26 - 50 : Respected
  • 51 - 75 : Trusted
  • 76 - 100 : Ally