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"Ah, a customer... How may I humbly assist? Ahaha! Sorry... is that not a common item you're using? How quaint." - Draal, on the Black Market
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Draal is a character that appears in StarCrawlers. He is an agent that acts both as a trader and an auctioneer for the player. He offers Mystery Crates for sale, unmarked equipment that the player must purchase before they can determine what the items actually are. Eon Cubes (found while exploring) can also be bartered with Draal instead buying via conventional credits. In cases where the player acquires stolen goods, they have the option for Draal to sell them on the Black Market. They can be exchanged for both credits and equipment, in addition to gains and losses in reputation. Items can also be sold anonymously, leaving reputation the same, for a significantly lower pay off.