StarCrawlers Wiki

A crawler team in action.

No Crawler can survive alone. You'll need to hire a crew, level them up, specialize their abilities, and customize their gear. Each Crawler class has their own set of combat abilities as well as special skills that provide advantages outside of combat - helping you to navigate your environment more effectively, and deal with traps, encounters, and threats. Assembling a crew that works well together is a focus of StarCrawlers! Classes include:

Each class has 3 distinct Ability Trees that focus on a specific theme i.e. the Cyber-Ninja's Deception Tree focuses on entering Stealth for bonuses to its abilities, or the Engineer's Bolty! tree focuses on Bolty. Abilities are either active or passive, although some active abilities grant passive bonuses.

Each Tree has 7 abilities that each can be bought 3 times. The Trees themselves are split into 5 rows with Abilities spread amongst them 1/2/1/2/1. And each successive row requiring 3 more Points in the respective Tree before it is unlocked.