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Armor blocks a set amount of incoming damage. Though often less protective than Shields, Armor does not run on Charges. In some cases, however, the ability exists (from Crawlers & foes, alike) to Pierce Armor, rendering it useless.

Light Armor

The least protective form of Armor. It often provides offensive bonuses, such as extra damage, less encumbrance (therefore, quicker movement in combat) & unparalleled dodging ability.

Tactical Armor

This Armor consists of some protective equipment coupled with active camouflage, providing defense, in addition to unique offensive capability. This effect, Maneuver, allows the wearer to advance forward in the Combat Timeline, acting sooner after every dodged attack.

Heavy Armor

By far the stronger type of protective wear, Heavy Armor boasts the best protection - at the cost of its immense size & weight. It incurs strict penalties to the wearer's ability to Dodge. This is somewhat alleviated as Heavy Armor also inherently penalizes foes' Critical Hit Chance.


Depending on the player's Luck, Level & Reputation, Armor with significant additional benefits can be acquired. Some are as follows:
This is an incomplete list & the abilities scale to player Level.

Auroch Armor

Increased Dodge Chance

Boomslang Armor

Increased Critical Hit Chance